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Hiking Moeciu Area

Hiking Moeciu Area during the weekend

What can you do if you go Hiking Moeciu Area during a weekend? Probably you too have moments when you are fed up and suffocated by the everyday life and all you want is peace. A peace just for you and for your soul. A peace that will put you on your feet and give you energy to go on.

If so, you’ve probably had times when you’ve wanted to go somewhere beautiful in nature and your only plan is to have no plan!

Every day we make plans upon plans, plans upon plans and they all start with MUST! How about a weekend where you plan nothing? A weekend where you let things take care of themselves and you are the front row spectator, enjoying the moment?

Relaxing weekend when Hiking Moeciu Area

Hiking Moeciu AreaLocated at the foot of Piatra Craiului Mountains, Moeciu is a place where the beauty of nature blends harmoniously with the quietness and simplicity of the place. In order to enjoy Hiking Moeciu Area as much as possible, you can choose accommodation in the village of Cheia for example, away from the main road and therefore away from the noise of cars. Only the river that passes in front of the courtyard is weighed down by crickets at night, making your sleep sweeter.

Location of the region

The commune of Moieciu is situated in the Rucar-Bran corridor at the foot of north-west of the Bucegi Mountains and the east of the Piatra Craiului Mountains. It represents one of the oldest access routes between the two Romanian provinces: Ardeal and Tara Romaneasca. Hiking Moeciu Area will surely take you in the heart of the commune as well. The commune Moeciu (or locally “Moireciu”) is made up of six component localities. Tey are: Moeciu de Jos, Cheia, Magura, Drumu Carului, Moeciu de Sus and
Pestera as component localities.

The village of Moeciu de Sus is blessed with an amazing landscape. If you’re very passionate about hiking, you should know that there are several marked routes. Some to the Bucegi Mountains and many other unmarked routes on the surrounding hills. There are also several restaurants open all year round, a pizzeria, bars and terraces, as well as a few grocery shops where you can buy basic products.

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